Skoda Octavia Review

The third generation Skoda Octavia has been with us since 2012 but in all honesty it looks like a car that might have been around back in 2007. To be fair that may be a bit harsh, the 2014 model is actually pretty nice. Regardless of whether you think it looks a little bland, do not rule out the Octavia based on that alone, for I have driven a fair few cars in the class and I believe that the Skoda Octavia is up there with the best of them.

The Octavia is based on the Volkswagen Golf and the SEAT Leon yet if practicality is your thing then you will be pleased to know that it offers more boot space than the pair of them. The only downside is it isn’t quite as fun to drive as the Leon or the Golf, but I would say it is much comfier. You can get it as a five door hatchback or an estate and I had the pleasure of driving the five door hatchback. Whilst the Octavia is in a different class than the Leon, and is a car you might expect to spend more for, it is actually the same price or cheaper depending which model you go for. My son’s car is a second hand Seat Leon and I would definitely recommend he gets the Octavia next as it is as likable as the Leon, shares some traits yet is more practical which is important as he gets older.